Request a Free Commission

Because this is a start to an otherwise modest hobby, I am fulfilling free commission requests for short stories. The stories will then be featured here on my WordPress, with or without special recognition. I reserve the right to dismiss any content I do not wish to write about, however my preferences are vast and... Continue Reading →


Resolute Nights

And now let on the pass of sunless day Make my wearies wane, and eyes lay -Miras

His Hidden Efficacy

The thickness that permeates my mouth; the familiar taste; the satisfaction I will provide for my lover. He would certainly try to be the decent one, pulling far from my lips seconds before the wash of his cum would fill me; I wouldn't have it though--not tonight. With my hand around my cock and my... Continue Reading →

My Inhuman Captor

Shock and fear gripped her now shook body and mind, as the constriction encompassed her delicate frame. Its tendrils made shackles upon her, matching her heart beat in relentless penetration--coursing harder and faster within. -Miras

Advance After Dusk

Hands were pressed high above their head--back scraping the cold brick as the night air licked his exposed chest. Dead silence cascaded between them as the barrel of her gun were aimed with poise. She forced the control; she needed the control. He was to be bent until the night was spent under her discipline.... Continue Reading →

Romance Among Stars

How is it that among such a fetid world, could such a man grace me with his embrace? My prejudice was the veil now shattered by the pierce of his body and the stars will bear hearing of my release. -Miras

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