Benn Gray and the Goddess of Power

Excerpt from a free commission request involving female dominance, BDSM, Master/Slave, and the supernatural.   Benn collapses either in astonishment, or in fear. The hard marble crushes against knees as he stares up the steps towards Lilith, now beckoning him with a pointed sharp finger. A cold collar is braced around his neck from behind... Continue Reading →


A Broken Woman From A Perfect World

Excerpt from a full length short being written. This will be a part of my "Salacious Stars" series, which will have similar short stories dealing with space, life-forms, bdsm, romance, and other debauchery. “Our walls have been shattered; our beloved home has been ruined. Our streets flood now with the unbeknownst invaders, taking our people... Continue Reading →

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