Bitter Translations

Maya and Dimitry were a perfect couple on the exterior, playing out all the love tropes: from shameless selfies to inexplicably-cutesy name calling. They adorned the world in an overflowing wash of loving affection for years; that was until Dimitry found out Maya had other intimate agenda on the side. Turns out, Maya longed for... Continue Reading →


A Curious Development

Trinity Kowalski, a keen girl coming into adulthood, just brazed the junction of high school to college for academic networking. Growing up with a computer engineer, her interests in life were always biased from her parents; not that she ever minded. Learning how electronics talked to each other, playing old school games, and showing up the... Continue Reading →

The Text Back

The heat of bodies radiated into the atmosphere, seemingly steaming in midst the fog. Lights shoot from corner to corner shattering faces into a parallax, and the room pulses in unison with the bass. His body is a receptor, translating the energy of the room into autonomous movements--unifying his soul with the moment that has... Continue Reading →

A Secret Life

The daily grind from home-to-work to work-to-home; how many on the planet have grown to such... avid aspirations? So mundane he would say. It is not but a notch past 5pm that the trail of his long coat could just be glimpsed wavering out the door as if saying, "goodbye my mundane job." In the busy streets,... Continue Reading →

The Astute Man

In midst day, when the sky is strewn free of cloud and dyed a truest blue, streets, canals, and alleys are all a buzz. Patrons pick from the vendors, couples stroll in hand, and none but one man races against the current. Adorned in suit and tie, his tall, fit stature bumps between the crowds,... Continue Reading →

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