Bitter Translations

Maya and Dimitry were a perfect couple on the exterior, playing out all the love tropes: from shameless selfies to inexplicably-cutesy name calling. They adorned the world in an overflowing wash of loving affection for years; that was until Dimitry found out Maya had other intimate agenda on the side.

Turns out, Maya longed for something more raw and primal. Dimitry was all the love she could ask for, but to be held down and ravaged was something her body yearned for. The constant coddling from her boyfriend afflicted this now overbearing condition and drove Maya to make a decision upon who she would be with: the boy who would love her forever, or the man that could satisfy her. Well as they say, all is fair in love and war. Maya didn’t need Dimitry’s love anymore, she needed release; release from her unfulfilled years even if it meant ruining the love she shared for so long.

Dimitry’s anger and sadness compressed his world as he would brood tantalizing thoughts of his love being taken with savagery. His polar-opposite self doubling over her hands with his, tearing back on her hair, and all in the while hearing her beg for it.

As the world would have it though, a hot flame can only be kindled for so long. It was not but only six months after that she came back to Dimitry begging for his love again. She knew how to knead his heart, but what she would get in return was someone more calloused that left bitter actions past her lips in respite.




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