A Curious Development

Trinity Kowalski, a keen girl coming into adulthood, just brazed the junction of high school to college for academic networking. Growing up with a computer engineer, her interests in life were always biased from her parents; not that she ever minded. Learning how electronics talked to each other, playing old school games, and showing up the boys during ‘Let’s Play’ tournaments, sometimes she herself believed to be of the wrong gender. These types of interests and personal confusions led her into a reclusive life with strong family bonds–shutting away the ideas of dating and involving herself with external personalities. However, unbeknownst to even her family, Trinity led a double standard on her own personal values, by allowing someone into her life through the lit window of her monitor at night.

Together these two shared everything, from day-to-day happenings to their darkest secrets. For two whole years, they nurtured a friendship through their common interest: computers. How they longed to move just one city closer so that they might finally meet each other; a type of yearning that would weigh heavier each passing day as their friendship grew.

From behind the ‘nerdy’ full framed glasses Trinity wore, she reads and re-reads a line her significant other sent late one evening, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Trinity’s heart was alight. Raging hormones and coursing heat swept over her and her hands lightly shook as she keyed the word, “Yes.” A video call is prompted over the messenger window, the small dial shaking as if waving her to accept it. Full flushed red in the face, she accepts it to see her best friend, now girlfriend, to be lit up wearing absolutely nothing in front of her.

Why Trinity’s sexuality was never clearer before she may never understand. What couldn’t be stopped though was her undying curiosity to better know herself; the same curiosity that led her fumbling fingers to the hem of her clothes leaving her exposed to the whim of her lover. The exchange of messages ensuing that night would be left untold.



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