The Text Back

The heat of bodies radiated into the atmosphere, seemingly steaming in midst the fog. Lights shoot from corner to corner shattering faces into a parallax, and the room pulses in unison with the bass. His body is a receptor, translating the energy of the room into autonomous movements–unifying his soul with the moment that has captured him.

The early day presented no bearing significance. The rain that poured on the window of his one bedroom apartment seemed to pour through onto Johns heart; a heart watered down in rejection. The difficulties he faces in a city washed with homosexual prejudice, leads his fleeting heart down empty drains. Oh for once he thought as though he had met ‘the one’ not but a week ago at an art exhibition. The brilliance that night held for him, being corralled from gallery to gallery with this stranger. They shared laughs, hugs, and the deep passion for art; it all seemed so natural that they even shared contact information. But, like he was some form of extraterrestrial life, no contact would be made–that is until after dark and his phone lights the coffee table.

“Hey! It’s Liam, don’t know if you remember me–we met at the Secrets Art exhibition last week. There’s another event tonight a friend/artist of mine is putting on at his home studio. 187 Gauge St. unit B. Would love to see you!”

“I’m there!” John texts back.

John maybe had issues coping with his lonely existence, but he wasn’t someone without drive; if opportunity came, even against all odds, he was taking it! He did just that. Pocketing his phone and throwing his coat on, he treks on into the storm like a man on a mission. His skin crawls under the excitement as the wind drives the rain against him. Running hot, the cold can’t be felt.

Upon arriving at the given address, a door opens to a wonderland of dancing people. Art decor covers the walls, fog machines plume, and light-machines chase ghosts. “John!” someone calls out. It’s Liam full force grabbing John into an embrace before he can even respond; that was the start of this never ending night. They danced the night away as they hammered back drinks together. At some point, Liam slips John a dab of LSD and John’s world that was is melted into absence as emotion carries him into the limelight of Liam’s world.

As the party died late into the morning, the two of them shared a couch together holding their now sweat soaked and unkempt clothes. Turns out, Liam never spent a day forgetting about John. Thoughts and feelings compounded in each-others absence, together encouraging acts in their minds as the LSD still elevates their physical touch. What transpired between Liam and John that night, is a best told story for another day. What is certain, is that John’s life would be better forever.




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