A Broken Woman From A Perfect World

Excerpt from a full length short being written. This will be a part of my “Salacious Stars” series, which will have similar short stories dealing with space, life-forms, bdsm, romance, and other debauchery.

“Our walls have been shattered; our beloved home has been ruined. Our streets flood now with the unbeknownst invaders, taking our people and slaying those who resist. The defenses of my home world are on a cusp of failure and little hope remains for us few not yet found. I don’t call for my aid, but the aid of my race. If anyone should receive this message, send an army; end this savagery that has riddled our world.”

This would be the last and perhaps only transmission to bypass the invasion that now destroys the planet of Auroras Iuaria.


2 thoughts on “A Broken Woman From A Perfect World

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  1. I do have to say that this sounds like an interesting teaser. I like aliens. I like fantasy. I like romance.

    Frankly, I like a lot of things.

    However, the planet is called “Auroras Iuaria,” yes? That’s what it said up top. Is Iuaria start with an ‘L’ or an ‘I’? Lowercase ‘l’ and capital ‘I’ look exactly the same on here. L or I, see my point? This will bother me until I know for certain. Hope you don’t mind the the question, Miras.

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