The Virtuous Girl

A temple consummated, through endeavor
Of communion, and moral manufacture

Purest of virtue, surrounding a mind of none
Permeated, by the endearment of One

Her temple abandoned, water tides the surface
Wind licks the stones, earth clutches the appearance

Compressed by her elements
Compounded by her weakness

Her temple, turns to ruins

Abandoning perfect composition
Appealing only exquisite complexion
Will demands, his every imposition

Salacity obscures thought or reason
Command proceeding every decision
Words rationed, only for her One

Articulate and pronounced
Precedent voice now shuddered

Choral disharmony
Riven cacophony

Inclined against the sky
She would boast no lie

Disclosed requests, of amorous voracity
To be savored, with feverous amorality

The mind rends
The heart ignites

The legs cripple
The vison fades

Encompassed in black, sensation and taste
Reaching far back, absent abate

Carried in the waves of her elements, the waves of her One
She submerges precedent thoughts, amending position

No longer bound to virtuous limitations
The virtuous girl binds herself, to pleasures and all temptations



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