The Astute Man

In midst day, when the sky is strewn free of cloud and dyed a truest blue, streets, canals, and alleys are all a buzz. Patrons pick from the vendors, couples stroll in hand, and none but one man races against the current.

Adorned in suit and tie, his tall, fit stature bumps between the crowds, apologizing profusely as he is accosted. His thoughts bear in mind the time of which where he should be, and his lungs pound his chest in exasperation. Darting from the cobblestone roads and over ornate bridges; he has to be there. From esteemed business director by day, to disheveled mess at night, what panic could befall such an astute man?

He pops the buttons of his suit coat and throws it off clutching it in his hands. The sweat soaks his shirt underneath and his polished morning hair now falls in all directions. Dropping against the closest wall, he checks his vintage hand-me-down watch; a watch that hasn’t lied in its generations since conception. “Only a few more minutes”, he says to himself as he gazes up towards the waning sun, hand over his eyes. Releasing the constraints of his tie, he hurls himself back into the fray.

Rounding a corner much like the last and the last before that, a small crook in the streets gives sights to a small flower shop, profiled by an ornate bridge with a woman staring up towards the horizon. Whether it was the heavy breathing, or the sound of his polished dressed shoes against the ground, the woman turns her head and body keeping her finger tips against the handrail in enticement.

“Work runs late as always”, his dry voice trailing just over the gentle sound of water.

“It’s commendable that you aren’t”, she says smiling.

In the early evening now, when the sun perches west, the dazzling streets of Venice drop diamonds upon the canals illuminating her delicate features. Her hand leaves the handrail if only for a moment to embrace, but recoils gently trying to preserve what self control she has; self control lost when the gentle touch of his hand brushes her cheek to be pulled into a timeless kiss under the rising moon.


via Daily Prompt: Panicked


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